Thursday, February 3, 2011

Startling Brilliant New Developments

Toronto is battening down for a major winter storm , schools closed etc. as if it’s the first time anyone has seen snow. GO trains will use the weather as an excuse for the traditional daily delays.

Innisfail in Queensland is being hit, dead centre by Cyclone Yasi . My sister and her husband live in Innisfail.

And on Monday Night I listened with rapture (I just looked it up, it’s the correct term here) to Promod Sharma at the AIC , talking about Marketing.

Tuesday I was busy all day.

This morning I rose at 5 a.m. and decided to

  • Get Rid of My Old Web Site
  • Build 3 New Ones
  • Start a New Blog
  • Start a Professional eLetter
  • Open a Twitter Account (I’ve Tweeted Once, Just to See If My Hair Would Fall Out – it has – see my photo)
  • Fill Out 20+ Pages of Notes on My New Direction.

It feels good to be alive!

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