Monday, February 21, 2011

Pitching the Sale

For some time now I’ve known that my method of establishing contacts is working well; not perfectly, but well. In a single morning I can usually set up three lunch dates with senior executives.

I am weak on bridging the gap between “starting a relationship” and “making a sale”. Once interest in a product or service is shown, I can usually clinch the deal, but the in-between bit defeats me, until now.

This morning one of two contacts at a recruiting firm came up for work; I have a neat bit of program code that might help them. I call the senior of the two and get voice-mail, so I hang up and call the junior of the two and get voice-mail, and I hang up.

If either of them had picked up the phone, I’d be happily pitching by now.

What to do?

I have to realize that I am no longer tied by the don’t-leave-a-voice-mail dictum here. I have taken BOTH executives to lunch and had an extensive chat. We have exchanged emails and phone calls.

It is acceptable now for me to send an unsolicited email describing what I have and asking them (both) who I should speak to.

Let’s see what happens …

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