Thursday, February 17, 2011

Answers to the Top 21 Most Frustrating PC Questions

Caution: I do not agree with all of the answers provided in this article, but I do agree with the list of questions.

You can read the questions and answers by clicking on the link below; or you can just skim the questions and file this item for future reference.

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1. Where did my downloaded files go? Why can't I find them?

2. Why doesn't my iPad charge when I connect it to my computer?

3. Why does a video play on my desktop but not my laptop?

4. My printer won't print, and Windows won't allow me to cancel or delete print jobs. What's going on?

5. I hear beeps when I turn on my PC. What do they mean?

6. In a folder full of digital images, I often notice a file called Thumbs.db. What is it, and can I safely delete it?

7. Why does every digital camera--even the one on my smartphone--insist on storing photographs in a folder called DCIM?

8. My Recycle Bin has disappeared. How do I go about restoring it?

9. Why does Windows sometimes reboot without my permission, and how do I prevent that from happening?

10. Where do all these mysterious Web browser toolbars come from, and how do I get rid of them?

11. How did I end up with QuickTime on my PC, and do I need to keep it?

12. I have Microsoft Word installed on my PC. Why can't I open the .docx files my friend sent me?

13. Why won't Windows allow me to delete a certain file?

14. Why do some programs leave files and folders behind even after I've uninstalled them?

15. Why do Adobe Reader and Java update so frequently? Do I have to allow it?

16. Is it absolutely necessary to update Windows?

17. Does it matter whether I 'Safely Remove' devices?

18. Windows asks me if I want to enable Sticky Keys. What are they, and how should I use them?

19. Why can't I send out a particular file attachment through e-mail?

20. How can I determine whether an unknown Website is safe to visit?

21. What are the .dat files I sometimes receive in e-mail messages, and how do I open them?

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