Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Not Switch to My Cell Phone?

I have now accumulated about 20 contacts who prove difficult to reach by phone.

I know the difficulty, because the comments or memo field is a series of entries like “2011/02/07 11:19 got vm”.

In some cases my name might be showing up on call display and since we haven’t met, it may be easier just to NOT pick up the phone that to resolve this with an awkward brush-off.

I am contemplating an ambush.

My Virgin Mobile phone was paid for with cash, no name, no address etc. Untraceable, really.

I might spend a morning burning up a few minutes, calling from my cell phone instead of my landline, just to see if out of 20 difficult contacts I can score some hits.

Once they pick up the phone, the meet-for-lunch issue gets resolved one way or another; either they agree to lunch at some future date, or they need to make it clear that they are not interested.

And that means my time and a few dollars will be well spent.

Podcast: WhyNotSwitchtoMyCellPhone.mp3

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