Monday, February 14, 2011

Talk About Issues, Not Your Business

A recent post in the Staples Blog on advertising had a paragraph that’s of great value to solo entrepreneurs who don’t advertise:
  • Talk about issues, not your business. The media won’t run a story about your upcoming shoe sale – that’s advertising, not news, so don’t waste their time. You must attach your business to some current and relevant issues that interest the media. For instance, a real estate agent might offer five suggestions to beautify a home in order to achieve a desirable selling price amidst this market of declining home sales.

I find Staples Blog worth reading, because even ‘though I don’t advertise, I write about my services and products.

All too often I find myself writing what a great program I have written or what a great training course it is – writing about features rather than benefits.

So, as of today I will make a conscious effort to say nothing about what’s under-the-hood, and everything about what happens when you press the gasoline pedal.

P.S. We all advertise; a 30-second elevator speech is an advertisement; an introduction at the networking event is an introduction; the first minute of the sit-down lunch is an advertisement; your business card is an advertisement. Even the way you dress is an advertisement.

We just don’t PAY for advertising in the media, is all.

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