Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paid Speaking Engagements (7/5) Breakthrough

So you’ve been gaining publicity and exposure through local papers, radio and TV spots. Comes the Big Day when you are asked to speak for half an hour on Chicago radio.


You’ve done your homework; You gave a great talk, and you think “That’s great! I’ve spoken on radio in California and Illinois”.

Here’s the Good News: You are now an international speaker. (If I’ve praised you, you are “internationally acclaimed” because I hold three passports).

As a speaker of international repute, you can start charging for your engagements.

Up until now you’ve been grateful for the exposure, and rightly so, but that initial exposure has spread the word that you know what you’re talking about, and word gets around.

There’s no Bad News, by the way.

However, there’s no reason to bite the hands that have fed you; the local papers, radio and TV deserve to air you for free.

1) They got you to where you are now. You owe them for your exalted position that has put you in demand as an international speaker.

2) You will, of course, let them know, as they re-request you, that you now charge for speaking, but since they got you to where you are, you want to offer them your services for free. They will appreciate your candor, and the freebie.

3) They will, from time to time, boast of how they can get you on air anytime they want, despite your international presence.

4) Chances are strong that by getting an expensive speaker for free they will increase the frequency of your appearances

5) And in doing so, they’ll be spreading the word for you more than ever before.


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