Saturday, February 12, 2011

Apologize Once

Wires got crossed at his end and we didn’t meet. He apologized the next day.

Apology accepted.

I figure that if that was the worst thing to happen to me all day, I’d be OK with that. (It’s a bit like shrugging off high gasoline prices in being grateful to get home without a scratch)

I emailed about something else and got another apology.

I called today to set up another meeting, and was greeted with an apology.

Enough already.

We are business folks; we know that wires get crossed.

I’m looking for open-minded, forward-thinking contacts who, after a stumble, are willing to pick themselves up and carry on.

Who will recognize MY human-ness and be prepared to accept an apology from me, and then turn to face the broad sunlit uplands.

I’d rather not deal with someone who feels that an apology is a never-ending flagellation.

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