Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Good Meetings

A great day yesterday. I had scheduled a meeting with a contact I’d chatted with by phone for three years but never met; lunch at noon.

A lunch meeting from last month had put me in contact with a charitable street-kids organization which might be able to make use of The Prospector to harvest warm leads to corporate donors. Coffee at 10:30.

Yes, they are impressed and yes please they’d like to try it.

No, there’s no charge; this is a service I wrote for myself, besides, they could think of it as an equivalent cash donation I’ll never be able to afford, but can deliver a service for free. He will, I know, report back to my initial contact.

On to lunch. Waddyaknow? My noontime contact used to be a social worker and yes, in her current position could use some corporate donors.

That made me think of two other street kids organizations I know.

My morning meeting caused that CEO to suggest he would pass my name on to another company.

So no money changing hands, but then these weren’t sales calls.

But to two people I have made an impression that I’m “not just a pretty face”, and my pool of senior officer contacts is increasing day by day. That corporate world is learning what I can do.

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