Monday, January 31, 2011

Six Career Resolutions and Tips for Keeping Them

I was struck by this Canada News Wire press release which came out on December 15th, and yes, everyone clipped it and decided to make it their New Year’s Resolution List.

For my view on New Year’s Resolution

The actions in the list are those we mouth off at every opportunity. I have abbreviated and paraphrased them here:

(1) Schedule Time each week

(2) Build your profile

(3) Research new opportunities

(4) Setup meetings

(5) Reassess your goals each month

(6) Reward yourself

(7) Join at least one professional association

(8) Attend meetings regularly

(9) Pursue a certification

(10) Learn a new software application

(11) Volunteer with a non-profit group

(12) Identify areas for improvement

(13) Establish objectives

(14) Take on a project outside your skill set

(15) Look for opportunities to help colleagues

How many of these actions appeared in your New Year’s Resolutions?

Why so few?

From this list, which one action do you think is the most important to you?

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