Thursday, January 20, 2011

Remember that Marketing Workbook?

Yes, that’s the one. The 3-ring binder you worked through eighteen months ago. Perhaps you maintain it in machine-readable form.

Do your business a favor and set aside a morning (when you are fresh) to wade through it again.

Remember how bright were your dreams, your ambitions. How easy it seemed back then.

Make it easy again.

After your initial half-day revision, locate one important aspect that you have neglected and get up to speed on it again.

It might be your list of professional associations, whose monthly meetings you planned to attend; it might be your Keep-In-Touch strategies; maybe you planned an electronic or printed newsletter – Get It Out Now!

Then set aside one hour each month to review your Marketing Workbook and choose one nugget to form into a marketing habit.

Your Marketing Workbook started you along the path eighteen months ago; let it keep you company as your guide on the road ahead.

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