Thursday, January 13, 2011

When You Need a Unique Superlative

A recent Toronto Star article included this memorable phrase:-

“Even Enbridge's solar park in Sarnia, the world's largest facility of its kind …”

My evil mind immediately leapt to the conclusion that the solar park wasn’t the largest facility in the world, nor yet the largest in North America, and judging by what I’ve seen in California, it might have to settle for being the largest facility in Canada, or worse, the largest facility in the Canadian province of Ontario.

In the worst case, it might be the largest facility in Sarnia (population around 70,000).

No. In the worst case it might be the largest facility on the East side of Sarnia.


It is the “of it’s kind” that got to me.

What kind is it?

“The latest installation”? “Made from local materials”? “Made from fully-imported materials”? “Owned by Enbridge”? The list is as endless as the English language.

The way is open for you, if you’d like to boost your image, by describing yourself as the insert-superlative-here of your kind.

I could describe myself as the best trainer of my kind in Toronto. What kind? A transplanted Western Australian.! And if another West Aussie shows up to steal my thunder, I can still be the best trainer of my kind in Toronto, as long as I define myself as a West Aussie who also worked in Singapore. Who also worked in France. Who has driven in every mainland state of the USA. Who purees Ginger.

Go for it!

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