Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Follow-up Roll-up

Here’s another reason for measuring your prospecting activities.

Suppose, like me, you have 224 contacts on your list.

Suppose, like me, your goal is to “touch” them with a one-on-one phone call every two months.

Suppose, like me, you can issue AT MOST ten phone calls per day on days when you make phone calls.

Suppose, like me, you get to make phone calls on only 3 days of the week.

How long will it take you to work through your 224 contacts?

At ten per day, 22.4 days.

At 3 days per week, that’s 7 weeks.

In other words, your target of phone calls is doable, but only JUST doable.

Now, what proportion of those 10 phone calls results in a 1-I conversation or, to be generous, either a conversation OR you get to leave a voice-mail to someone you know?

In my case roughly 50%.

Strictly speaking, I don’t establish 1-1- contact with 10 people each phone-day, only 5.

Strictly speaking it will take me 14 weeks to work my way through my contact list.

And that means I won’t be “touching” someone every two months; every 4 months is more like it.

In other words I will not reach my target counts.

I will have to revise my procedures, either be prepared to leave voice-mails where I was previously not willing to do so, or spend more hours per day phoning, or more days per week, or mail letters or cards or …

But something will have to change.

And I know that is so ONLY because I measure, I count the calls I make, how many get me in touch with a person, and so on.

Without measurement you are adrift without sails or rudder.

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