Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fame and Fortune in Submitting an Article

Well, fame at any rate, and the prime reason for my submitting an article is to be recognized as a consulting expert and hence get more business.

I picked up a printed copy of Waste Management World at the fish-and-chip shop last night and was so struck by one article that I asked if I could bring the magazine home, which I did.

The three page article is close to my heart and I have identified FOURTEEN chunks of text that deserve comment.

My response to the editor is going to be much longer than “Well Done. Good Article!”. The more so because Waste Management World is based in the UK and the article in question mentions Toronto’s GTA exclusively.

I love the spotlight and can’t wait to make an impression on the editor, so I began composing an email asking if I might submit an article, and if so how long – and then trashed the email.

Tucked away in my mind is a memory of Guidelines which I received way back in the days when I contributed to Computing Canada. One of the guidelines was “Don’t Waste the Editor’s Time”.

It dawned on me this morning that with 10 articles spanning pages 16 through 55 I had enough resources to estimate the maximum, minimum and average length of articles in words, and that should serve as my guideline.

That coupled with my stature as a keen SUFE of 38 years standing and as a keen vermicomposting guy of 15 years standing ought to qualify me as a contributor, and if it doesn’t then why worry?

So, it’s down to work this weekend writing an article on Anaerobic Digestion as I see it from my kitchen window.

And in writing that, From My Kitchen Window seems like a pretty good title for a blog, with the imagery it conjures.

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