Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Staying in Touch 6

Despite the meltdown over the Christmas period, I managed to begin printing a letter-envelope combination for my contacts, and to date have mailed about 100 envelopes, each stamped, inside a card with a hand-written greeting relevant to the individual, and a letter, signed by me, addressed to the individual.

I am not fooling anyone; this is a mass-mailing.

But each mailing is individually touched by me.

A Fountain-pen with real ink. Occasional tiny smudged where the ink was still wet as I folded the letter (there’s a niche market there for a developer who wants to provide a realistic ink-smudge on mass-printed signatures …)

Most of my contacts can receive a card; a few are people I’ve not yet spoken with, and these contacts are being bubbled, like froth, to “next day”.

Today is the Next Day, Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As I fire up my contact list this morning I see that I have TWO outstanding calls to make, one to someone I’ve never contacted – I’ve met someone in the form but they have since moved to another firm – and one to a person who agreed to do lunch but couldn’t set a time.

From this day on until I finish issuing a letter-card to each contact, I am back phoning people who deserve a phone call from me.

I noticed a great many contacts whose comment field read “Give me a call in November/December/New Year and we’ll set something up”, so the encouraging news is that there are many contacts waiting in the wings, in a manner of speaking.

Talk to Me !

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