Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who Ya Gonna Call?

  • Alain Blackburn
  • Ammar Al-Joundi
  • Claudio Mancuso
  • Daniel Racine
  • David Smith
  • Donald G. Allan
  • Eberhard Scherkus
  • Ingmar E. Haga
  • Jean Robitaille
  • Louise Grondin
  • Marc Legault
  • Patrice Gilbert
  • Paul-Henri Girard
  • Picklu Datta
  • R. Gregory Laing
  • Sean Boyd
  • Tim Haldane

The list above is from a local web site. I have sorted the names in alphabetic sequence by first name.

You don't know the title, age or service in the company of any one of them.

You need to make a cold-call inviting one of them to lunch

There is almost certainly a gatekeeper.

Which of the 17 officers will you call?

Why that one?

If you want to know my answer, Ask Me !

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