Saturday, October 2, 2010

Are Canadians Too Polite When it Comes to Collecting Owed Money?

A press release from Thursday, a thinly-disguised advertisement for Interac, raises the question.

(I’ve held for 25+ years that Canadians are just too darn polite, but I’m still here!)

The article makes a valid point:

Interac is a superb way to transfer money.

I started using it about 18 months ago. It costs the sender $1.50, which has to be close to the cost of a check and a postage stamp, when all’s said and done.

And it is FAST.

Most commonly I use it in response to a request for a small job.

My target market is the Deep Pockets Club, but right now I won’t turn down a $500 quickie-project from a known contact.

If the contact is the “Head Of” or “VP of” or “Director of”, they can pay out of their personal bank account, for all I care, if they really want the report/macro/proposal by tomorrow.

I issue an invoice, so it is all taxable and above board; they can use the invoice as an expense claim so they aren’t out of pocket.

And the best part: I’ve been paid in advance for my work.

Try it.

Even I know how to use it …..

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