Thursday, October 7, 2010

Papering Myself Into a Corner

I grew up with a pencil and paper. I make penciled notes on paper. It’s what I do.

Along the way I took possession of a database program on a computer, so my contact list is a database table, with all sorts of fields and buttons on the main form.

Works well.

The trouble is, I still love paper!

So for each new contact I grab a sheet of scrap paper, write the date, time, company, phone number, and start making notes as I research the company.

When the time comes to dial the company, I take the sheet, log the date and time, and dial the number.

The result of the call will be “got voice-mail”, “left voice-mail”, “got meeting" and so on, mostly ”got voice-mail”.

The paper goes to the bottom of the pile and I reach for the next sheet from the top of the pile.

And so the pile of paper grows and takes control of ME.

I have to learn to copy my paper notes to the database after I’ve made that first call, once I’ve worked out what, of all my notes, seems truly relevant to that FIRST conversation, the conversation that piques the prospect’s interest enough to ask me for an email.

After that I should shred the paper, and rely on the much better tool – the computerized contact management file.

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