Monday, October 4, 2010

Prospecting Perspective

It can take it out of you, the so-called “cold calls” made each day.

My Goal yesterday was “Make 50 phone calls”. I have 25 press releases on my desktop, and 27 sheets of notes in my folder. A total of 52 companies I’d like to contact.

At the end of the day I see that I made only 21 calls (“dials”) in 3.93 hours.

  • What Went Wrong?


I took incoming calls for help, accepted a new mini-project, let go of one obstructive gatekeeper, and got FOUR requests for emails, one of them an agreement to meet me for lunch two weeks from now.

I need to keep things in perspective. If I meet one new President or CEO/CFO each week, I’ll have made 52 new high-level contacts in a year, and that means I’ll have 52 people in my target market to whom I can send the occasional email, mail, or coffee invitation, and out of that will come relationships. And out of those relationships will come paid work.

It is too easy at the end of a single day to feel let down, but my daily goals are merely to dial out.

My weekly goal is what counts – to establish a NEW face-to-face meeting each week.

I achieved that in the one day this week that I dialed out!

That is a GREAT success, isn’t it?

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