Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I Have A Cunning Plan …"

If you are a fan of Baldrick , you’ll know what I mean.

I mailed out 150 flyer-and-letters for a training course I was giving a few weeks back.

From that mailing have come two serious enquiries about Application Development - business unrelated to the training course.

The flyer-letter was enough to bring me to the front of people’s minds.

Of course, I have the attendant cost and risk of booking a room, setting aside time to prepare the course material etc.



Suppose that once a month I issued a letter-flyer combination to my contacts without actually booking the room or setting up the course.

It wouldn’t matter whether anyone subscribed to the course or not.

I’d have no expense in time or money setting up the course.

I could publish a new course offering every month for the cost of the paper, envelope and stamp.

If anyone actually called me up to book a seat, my response would be “I am afraid there are no more seats available”, an honest response if ever there was one.

And I stand to get $10,000 of business (in Application Development) from each mailing.

Money for Jam .

Talk to Me !

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