Monday, October 11, 2010

Reducing Un-Necessary Work

No matter how I crunch the numbers, I am spending far too much time pulling up a contact record and/or notes, dialing a number, and getting voice-mail.

Especially when I’m trying to establish first-contact with a President/CEO of my target market firms.

I need to change my tactics.

For the next three weeks I will dial the President/CEO.

If I get sidetracked by a gatekeeper, I’ll try to let go gracefully.

If The number I dial is the direct line (or I am given the extension) and I get voice-mail, I’ll record it as such but immediately mail out a hand-written card with one of my personalized stamps on the envelope.

That card will serve as an introduction to my NAME, after which I might feel better about leaving a short voice-mail, either asking for a call-back, or something.

But this business of dialing six times and getting six voice-mails has got to stop!

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