Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It's early days yet (for me), but a colleague sent me an email asking to set up an appointment.

He uses Tungle.

I tried it and it seemed to work flawlessly, which always amazes me, me being me.

Tungle.meTM is your personal scheduling page that lets you choose and publish available time slots, and lets others send you meeting invitations, regardless of whether they use Tungle or not.

Lets others easily schedule meetings with you

People you share your link with can visit your page, see your available times and send you meeting invitations that propose multiple times.

It’s quick, easy and they don’t have to sign up to do it. They simply confirm their email address and they’re done.

It’s on your terms

You choose the days and times of the week to show as available on your page.

Only the available slots you choose are shown. Your calendar details are kept private and people will not be able to propose times in slots you have not made available.

You receive invites and choose the final time to book the meeting. Nothing gets booked without your say and approval.

You control who sees your page. Your page is only accessible on your custom link and you choose who you share this link with.

You can even customize your page with a photo or company logo, personal message, links and contact information.

It works with your calendar

You won’t be double-booked. As you book meetings and add new events to your calendar, Tungle automatically updates your availability on your page.

Once you book a meeting, Tungle automatically adds it to your calendar for you.

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