Friday, October 22, 2010

Own the Best Notebook

A recent Staples Blog makes sense. The first item on the list “Five little tools for small business success“ is “Own the best notebook”. “Profitability relies on keeping overhead costs in line while striking just the right balance with business performance.” And so on.

But who has the time or money to rush out and buy a new lap/net/notebook every six months/year?

Not me, that’s fer sure.

So why not make your current computer better than the latest computer-off-the-shelf by tweaking yourself?


Today you are using your computer inefficiently. I can guarantee it. You are performing some mouse or keyboard action that is inefficient compared to some other way.

By changing a single computer-habit each week, you can save far more time than you can by getting a 3.8GHz computer to replace your aging 3.7GHz computer.

And it won’t cost you a cent!

And it will work on every computer you use during the week, INCLUDING EVERY COMPUTER OWNED BY YOUR CLIENTS!


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