Wednesday, October 13, 2010 is DEAD!

For a year now I have maintained a domain – if you click on that link right now you might see it, but chances are strong that by the time you read this it will be gone.

Why is it there?

A year ago I got the nudge to promote my 1-click indexer as a free give-away to attract attention. It hasn’t worked for me.

I tried various ideas to get out the message, but either I am hopeless or the freebie just isn’t as broadly useful as I thought.

During the past year I have inspected the web site daily with a Google Search set up in my Daily Dose to let me inspect the ranking of the home page, and ditto in YouTube for the little video.

It all adds up.

On top of that I have spent several hours trying to help basically incompetents who like the idea of a free tool but don’t know how to unzip a file (you double-click on it and follow the instructions).

That Time Will Never Come Back

Now the domain is up for renewal, and I don’t like the agent (they have multiple-billed my credit card in the past), and I have just too much going on right now to spend time transferring the registration to a new domain.

So it goes.

And what a relief I felt this morning when I woke up, having made the decision yesterday.

But Indxr is still around.

You just can’t type anymore and hope for success. works, as it has for over a year now.

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