Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lessons from Bob Dylan

I am of an age where I can get away with this: Most of you won’t remember this line: “When you’ve got nothin’, You’ve got nothin’ to lose”.

Bob Dylan, circa 1965.

Another unscripted moment in my life:

"Hello. Could I speak with Vic Alboini please?"

“I’m afraid he is out of the province until Friday”

“OK. Should I speak louder then?”

A pause, then a peal of laughter.

Once I hear the laughter I know I’ve won.

I said I’d call back on Monday, but Wendy asked if I’d like to leave a voice-mail.

No, I said, we’ve not spoken before and he’ll be playing catch-up on Friday when he returns.

Wendy then asked if she could send an email on my behalf (!), but again I declined. No, I said, he’ll have a ton of email and voice-mail to work through, and I don’t want to make it any worse.

(See how I am strenuously trying to avoid contact here?)

I figure that on Monday I’ll call back, ask to be put through to “Wendy, Vic’s secretary”, and she’ll remember me and I can pile right in and ask for a luncheon date, any time in the future.

Wendy is on my side, now.

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