Monday, March 1, 2010

So. Right? Double Your Impact.

It was agony

For close on 60 minutes, the speaker prefaced every other statement with "So, ...", and terminated at least 95% of the statements with "Right?".

I know this because I wrote "Right?" on a scrap of paper and passed it to the manager sitting to my right, and five minutes later he passed back the sheet marked thus:


Turned out we weren't the only two distracted by the repetitive "Right?" at the end of each sentence, twenty times per slide.

Make you wonder what all 100 of us might have gotten out of the presentation had the trailing word be removed, Right?

Actually, it gave me an idea for a service I could offer, right?

Take one of those small digital recorders to each seminar; record 5 minutes of the speaker, then make it available for download to the speaker, or make it available through a speaking coach, to the speaker, right?

Any speaker who hears themselves saying "Right?" every five seconds must appreciate that they need help, right?

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