Friday, March 26, 2010

Skype - an Expert's View

I know more now than I did when I wrote Skype - a Novice's View , and that makes me an expert.

I urge you to try Skype.

There is a quick, single download from Skype's web site , and that, amazingly to me, is about it.

Here's what I learned yesterday:

While I was waiting for a scheduled call from Rick, Michelle called me.

You know the situation: "Oh Hi Michelle. Look, can I call you back in half an hour or so? I'm expecting a call from Rick".

Sure, says Michelle, no problem.

Except for this ├╝ber-geek I sometimes just don't get it!

So, five minutes later it dawns on me.

Michelle is on Skype!

I call her up on Skype and we chat, comfortable in the knowledge that when my land-line rings I'll have to drop Michelle and deal with Rick.

Skype is like having a second phone line for free!

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