Saturday, March 6, 2010

Networking - Sit with Those Who Sit Alone - part 2

In Sit with Those Who Sit Alone I suggested that there is value in chatting with someone who appears to have no-one else to chat with.

There's risk involved (" What Will I Risk Today? "), and that is good.

I really do walk up and start a conversation.

I have nothing to lose but my abject loneliness and shyness.

And I have everything to gain.

Out of my experience a few weeks ago there has developed a relationship with someone close to (but not yet at!) age, employed as "tech support for a lawyer software".

Keen on Networking

Waddyaknow? Someone to meet with at meetings, a friendly face, and although I wasn't looking for this when I walked up to chat, I have stumbled on someone who might be able to help me.

I develop applications that process documents (see for example ), and am always grateful when a friendly colleague might be in a position to beta-test my latest little gem.

That is, by walking up to a stranger I have set up for myself many current and potential benefits for my business, and made a friend, too.

The alternative, remember, was to sit in silence nursing my cold coffee, staring into space, envious of others.

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