Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let Us Spray NOT!

In the Good Old Days (TM) the promoted idea was to attend a networking event and spray as many business cards as you could. The shotgun approach.

Today we believe that a better approach is to engage in conversation for five or ten minutes, and then exchange cards only when it becomes apparent that there is some level of common interest.

(Cultures vary; In Singapore, cards must be exchanged BEFORE the handshake),

I attended an afternoon networking event today, 90 attendees.

I managed to speak with seven of them.

Of the seven five did not have a business card.

Don't spray business cards indiscriminately.

But Oh Boy! When they ask you for one, you better have one!

Not providing me with your phone number in hard-copy form sends me the message that you don't really want me to contact you anyway.

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