Thursday, March 4, 2010

Networking Events As Diners

It's no secret that my favorite watering-hole is The Montreal Deli . The food is good quality, the service friendly and familiar, the prices low, and it is frequented by repeat-business-locals, always a good sign.

I know of, and eat at, other places around the GTA and in Western New York State. I've eaten at some bad ones, and I return to eat at the good ones.

Just like you

You go, time and time again to YOUR good diners or cafes, and you check out new ones from time to time. You'll maybe go to a place twice, and if its standard fails you twice, you won't return, but if the food is over halfway-decent, the price is right, and the staff friendly, courteous and discreet, you go back.

And that is how you determine which of the hundreds of networking events you'll frequent, just like diners.

You go to all the networking events in your price range, once a month, or once a fortnight, or once a week.

There are no good events, no bad events, but there are events that will suit you, and that will not suit your purposes.


Some groups are too technical even for me.

Some groups are socially more entertaining than a night at the movies.

Some are thronged with the kinds of people I need to meet to help me to grow.

And just like diners - if you attend an event and it doesn't seem good enough, try it a second time. Maybe you happened along on the one bad night they had all year.

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