Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Intriguing Possibility for Barter

From a colleague: I do have a macro question for you and wondered if you would look at it. I can't offer any long term contract from this. Maybe dinner out at The Montreal Deli ?

My Response

Sorry, I am on a successful weight-loss regime, and dinner out at the Deli would set me back a month or so. Got any alternative ideas for compensation?

The Top Line

I need money, cash, to pay the rent.

Dinner at The Montreal Deli won't pay the rent.

This colleague is employed at one of the five major Canadian banks. They have the money, and either they will pay my colleague to struggle with macros/VBA (an expensive exercise when you factor in salary, administrative and facility costs), or they will pay me.

They have the money. They don't occupy several floors of an office at Bay & King. They own several tall buildings at Bay & King.

There are two ways of me getting money; one is by direct payment. My colleague slips me $50 from his personal account, and then shines as a clever-lad in front of his manager. He could think of it as an investment in his future.

The other way is by being paid by someone else within the bank, through landing a contract to deliver training or business intelligence.

Forget about The Montreal Deli . My colleague can get his macro written if he can land me a 30-minute slot to make a presentation of my skills in front of some managers at the bank.

After which he can buy me a sandwich.

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