Monday, March 29, 2010

Coffee, Soup, Sandwich

As I walked up University Avenue from Queen to Dundas street I passed a sign propped up outside a store.

The sign bore bright red lettering on a bright yellow background. It carried these three words: "Coffee, Soup, Sandwich", and it being noon, I was tempted to drop in and get exactly that - a soup and a sandwich and a hot coffee. I kept walking, however, keen to do my banking first.

It struck me that the little store certainly sold more than that, pop, bottled water, chocolate bars, bags of potato crisps, ice cream perhaps ...

But the sign reduced the store's contents to an essential message "You can get something hot to eat here real quickly, and filling too, and more besides!".

But how elegant when reduced to three words.

I must work more on my elevator speech.

My goal is three words.

I'm surely as good as the manager of the sandwich shop.

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