Monday, March 8, 2010

There Are No Corporate Decisions

Again, someone lamenting Bad corporate decisions that, in this case, cause harm to the environment. (Sometimes it is causing Harm To Babies, sometimes Harm To Animals, sometimes Harm To Me).

There are no corporate decisions.

Corporations (and governments) can not make decisions.

Only individuals can make decisions.

Individuals can sway the minds of other individuals within the corporation, and if those other individuals are the governing body of the corporation, then they can change the course of the corporation.

But when a worker tosses good furniture into a 10-metre dumpster, that worker has made a decision – to obey the boss because the worker needs to keep their job. And the boss made a decision – that the office desk should be tossed.

Attacking corporations is futile

Changing the way individuals think shows great promise.

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