Monday, August 8, 2011

Out-of-Town Contacts Trump In-Town!

With unbecoming (in me) modesty I describe her as a “friend and colleague”; she runs a business in and around the Toronto GTA; she needs a new pickup utility vehicle.

I scour Canada News Wire looking for tips, leads, and come across this story .

At the foot is the contact information: “For further information: Media Waste Management Cathy Smithe (613) 836-8563”.

Now from Toronto (516/905 area code) the 613 area code is clearly out-of-town. Indeed Ottawa is a 5+ hour drive from Toronto, so why phone Ottawa when you really want a good contact in Toronto?

Because the contact in Ottawa will give you a good contact in Toronto!

Here, stripped of the introductory pleasantries, are the conversations:-

Me: Hi Cathy; my name is Chris Greaves and I got your contact information from the CNW story on August 5th. I was wondering who I might talk to in Toronto about ...”

Cathy: Hi Chris; you might want to start by calling Joe Bloggs at 416-123-4567; Joe is the person responsible for ...”.

Me: Thanks Cathy.

Of course, Cathy will be receiving a hand-written thank you DUCA card from me in a couple of days time. (Please see “ SUFE – A Second Use For Everything “, “ Thanks! “ or “ 8 Work-At-Home Pitfalls 1-4 “.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

Me: Hi Joe; Cathy Smithe from your Ottawa office suggested I call you.

Joe: Hi Chris! What can I help you with?

And so it goes.

It costs so little to make that call to Ottawa. It’s not a terribly cold call, since the call is made based on a public press release, and what’s more, there’s great opportunity to lavish praise on their charitable giving on THAT call.

There’s no big investment of time and resources in Ottawa suggesting the name in Toronto.

And when I call Toronto, it’s a referral from their own office! (Plus of course, the lavish praise on their charitable giving ...)

Once that Toronto call is made, I hand-write the thank-you card to Ottawa mentioning that I’d made contact.


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