Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quit Phoning Me, OK?

I’m tired of your phone calls, especially the ones where you ask me “How’s it going?” and I respond by telling you how well I’m working through and over my contact list, phoning people, emailing them, postal mailing them, lunching with them.

And no, there’s not a flood of money yet; I’m building relationships and that takes time.

How’s your business?

Oh! So you hate “Cold Calling”?

Even though I’ve told you that I’m not cold-calling, I’m warm-calling because I an armed with a press release from yesterday; I have something to talk about .

Here’s the Deal

If truly you have a barrier to picking up the phone, then

  • invest in some postage stamps,
  • write half-a-dozen two-page (1 sheet) articles on your area of expertise,
  • print them to PDF using the Free Primo PDF Writer ,
  • start printing THOSE PDF files to quality paper,
  • stuffing them in quality envelopes,
  • sticking on your personalized postage stamp ,

There’s no harm in mailing someone a letter.

Especially if you’re too shy to pick up the phone.

Maybe on receipt of your letter, they’ll pick up the phone and call you!

(And if you’re too shy to phone and too shy to write, get a full-time job)

Talk to Me !

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