Saturday, August 13, 2011

Your Opinion Matters To Us

  • Tell Us What You Think
  • Comment Card
  • Feed Back

As the world shifts over to a service-oriented approach to business, we see more and more of these cards.

Does anyone really take notice of them?

I suspect that each organization has a junior clerk who reads and tosses them, hanging onto the ends of the bell-curve to make a 3-minute report to the monthly staff meeting.

But then, I’m cynical

I know that a carefully written letter, printed, signed, and mailed off to a couple of VPs gets more attention than filling out one of these cards ever can.

I stand out when I take the time to mail a letter.

Here’s What You do

Grab every such card you can, from restaurants, government offices, gasoline stations, airlines, hotels and type each question into a checklist for yourself.

First thing each morning, before you head out the door, or prepare for the first incoming phone call, read through the list.

When the phone does ring, have your list somewhere you can see it.


That spot on the wall behind the monitor where your gaze wanders as you lose interest.

Or propped up on the window-ledge where you’ll see it as you swivel ninety degrees left to stare out of the window.

Let every other business on the face of this earth be your guide. What do their experts think that you should be doing.

Then do it.

P.S. Just to get you started

The hours of service are convenient

I am available by telephone from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

I felt welcome

I start each conversation with a cheery greeting “Bob! How ARE you? It’s GREAT to hear from you. What’s up?”

I was served within a reasonable amount of time

I promise to deliver SOMEthing by the end of that day, a premise, a quick-view, a report, a draft proposal, hope,

I received clear and accurate information

I try to simplify my response on the grounds that the caller really just wants to know that a solution can be found. They don’t want to know what grade of motor-oil to use; that’s the mechanic’s job.

Staff members were knowledgeable and competent

If I don’t know, I ought to say so, and offer to find someone who does. Otherwise I ought to be saying “I did that sort of thing earlier this year for another client”.

Staff members were helpful

At the close of the conversation I ask “Was this helpful?”. No one ever says “No, not really”, not at such short notice, so they answer “yes”. I then ask them what they thought was the most helpful part of it all.

My needs were met

At the close of the conversation I ask “Is there anything else you need?”. The proportion of callers who respond “Now that you mention it, Yes, ...” amazes me.

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