Monday, August 29, 2011

Sending an Unsolicited eMail

When is an unsolicited eMail not spam?

Good Morning
I have a letter I'd like to drop in the mail to you, but am unsure of the correct postal mailing address.
I have two addresses:-
67890 Adelaide Street West Suite 2060 Toronto, M5H 3P5
12345 Adelaide Street East Toronto, ON M5C 1H6
Might you please advise me which address to use?
Thank You.
Chris Greaves

Here is a president who has been sitting in my contact list for over a year.


Because he doesn’t appear in the company’s phone directory, the receptionist’s response is always “Leave a voice-mail”.

The usual hurdles.

I would not normally send an unsolicited email, but in this case I’m getting cold on the trail and my time is better spent tracking down people who can be contacted.

So it’s an eMail from someone he’s never heard of ...

Talk to Me !

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