Friday, August 5, 2011

Bundle Up!

Here is a segment from a flyer from a well-known and successful chain of stationers:

Visit for this image! BundelUp_Scan10005.JPG

When you buy a banner-stand, you get TWO FREE gifts, right?


You buy a banner-stand, a poster to go on the banner stand, and a display-case in which to carry the banner-stand and poster.

$99.99 equips you for some networking events.

But the flyer ...

Says that you get two free items.

So, what product or service do you provide that, rather than being bundled, can be disassembled?

Software Applications

Each program comes with FREE installation and one month’s FREE technical support.


Each training unit comes with a FREE CD of exercises and a lifetime’s FREE technical support. (P.S. #1)


Each series of sessions comes with one year’s FREE telephone top-ups and a beautifully-bound checklist for ongoing evaluation.

Massage Therapy

Each session comes with a different FREE sample of aromatic oils (P.S. #2) and a copy of Canada’s premiere magazine “Massage Therapy Canada”. (P.S. #3)

Worm Composting

Each bin comes with FREE installation and ½ lb of Red Wriggler worms (for FREE!), PLUS one cubic foot of prepared bedding (FREE!!) and a starter bacterial culture (FREE!!!)(P.S. #4)

Talk to Me !

P.S. #1 Not as silly as it sounds. Lifetime support in whatever topic I’ve delivered is meant to encourage THEM to stay in touch with ME!

P.S. #2 What else were you going to do with the remainder of the opened bottle of oils?

P.S. #3 Since you’ve already read this month’s issue, why not pass it on?

P.S. #4 What’s the point of supplying a worm chalet without worms and bedding, right?

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