Friday, August 19, 2011

Digging in of the Heels

The client tells me that their client is finicky.

They need a graphic/text/hyperlink signature for their Outlook emails. The signature must not “break” under general reply conditions from addressees.

The real problem, therefore, is to obtain a list of mail clients that my client’s clients use (Outlook, Thunderbird, web-based gMail etc) and build a signature that doesn’t break under regular conditions.

So we also need to define “regular”.

Any work done on my part to build a signature without knowing the boundary conditions is doomed to be a disaster, because the client’s client is finicky, my client has told me so, and they will leap at any chance to declare my efforts worthless when they fail in a previously-undisclosed mail client.

This is a time for me to dig in my heels and hold fast, insisting that the client’s client themselves declare a list of mail clients.

It is a necessary but unpleasant part of my job,

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