Thursday, August 18, 2011


Item 1:

You are a passenger in a car; the driver learns that credit cards won’t work at the exit; hides a bankroll of fifties, offers his credit card and is waved through for free.

Item 2:

You are with your very rich widow friend. She grabs two punnets of strawberries and surreptitiously stuffs three more strawberries into each punnet.

Item 3:

You are with a client. The bill for coffee and muffins comes to $5.47. Your client whips out a calculator and calculates 15% of $5.47.

Item 4:

Your client can’t send an eight MEGA-byte proposal through the email to a customer. The proposal is to supply a $230,000 machine. Your client won’t slip you $250 to reduce the document to a manageable 230 KILO-bytes!

Item 5:

Another client wants to bypass the postal strike and switch to fax/direct deposit, but jibs at paying you $1,000 to do a full and complete tenacious service to get the message out to all 2,300 customers, opting instead for the $275 one-pass fax-what-we-can process.

Your task:

Identify those parties whose passion is to die with their bank account at its highest balance ever.

Now, let me ask you this:

  • What is YOUR passion for this short life?

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