Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Follow-Up is Important

Back in early January I had lunch with an executive who expressed some interest in obtaining details about Corporate Donors through The Prospector .

I sent an email immediately after our lunch meeting.

In February I left a voice mail, then followed up with another email.

Yesterday I sent a third email “I have updated my pages since last time we spoke. http://www.chrisgreaves.com/Prospector/ Look for the line "Are you interested in Corporate Donors for your charitable organization?" and click on the link.”


This morning a response “Hi Chris, I spoke briefly with our Sr. Director, Advancement, I***** A*****, about your product and have left the follow up to her, since it is quite a distance away from my new area of responsibility. Thanks”.

So Where Am I Now?

Not as far along the road as I had hoped to be with my first contact, who appears to have moved back into the training sphere.

But I have an extra contact.

I now have two contacts in the firm – one for Training (which I deliver) and one for Marketing (which I deliver as a service).

That’s Good, Isn’t it?

And it arises because I am tenacious and follow-up, month by month, with suggestions.

Talk to Me !

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