Friday, May 27, 2011

Tweet Tips

I have been twittering for about 4 months now, still finding my way about.

I want my tweets to be regular but low volume, perhaps two per day, at most, and I’m tied to my computer fir tweeting.

I have learned to not-follow people whose tweets flood out my screen.

I have learned to recognize twitter-spam – why would someone with 21,000 followers follow ME?

And I have realized that I can include many streams in my Tweets.

I hit on the intellectual challenge of trying to emit all my training in tweets – 140 characters or less, and given the broad range of material I own, that’s quite a challenge.

To test the waters I built a Microsoft Word document with a table 140 characters wide.

I set the font to be a fixed-width font – Courier – and made myself a ruler in the top row.

Visit for this image! 140Tips.png

You can see where I typed in 10 digits then pasted it 13 times to yield a 140-character ruler.

Below it I typed or pasted in about 40 initial tweets, not one of which exceeds the row length (There is no line overflow within a row). I like to have a set of items in the pipeline; it inhibits stress and pressure.

I have a scheduled date on the left-hand side – Monday, Wednesday & Friday – and a published date on the right-hand side.

And away I go!

In writing this up I realize that I should have a link to my web site and /or my blog.

I’d better get started on that this evening …

P.S. I later reduced my ruler to 111 characters, restricting my text tweet to 111 characters means I have enough space left over to append 29 characters to each tweet.

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