Saturday, May 14, 2011

When Small is Ugly, When Small is Beautiful

Out driving today, I pulled up at Bloor & West Mall and watched a grandma escort a small boy across Bloor street. The small boy was driving an electric car, a micro-car, the sort that might be OK in the backyard, but I have doubts about the wisdom of a powered vehicle out near real traffic.

Nonetheless, beautiful. I can see the utility of a small electric car towing a small trailer of groceries so that grandma doesn’t have to lug home bags of vegetables.

Later that afternoon waiting to turn left at the intersection of Carlingview and International Boulevard I watched the driver of a large SUV edge up, desperately anxious to squeeze between a car waiting to go straight ahead, and the curb leading to the right, to the highway on-ramp.

Couldn’t make it.

Ugly. Ugly look on the SUV driver’s face. Ugly situation. Should’ve bought a smaller car!

Small businesses are beautiful when adaptability and flexibility are needed; small businesses are lithe and can often weather a minor economic downturn by eating rice, beans and pasta instead of laying off 100% of the workforces (Me!)

But small businesses are ugly when it comes to seeking a bank loan, or when they are too timid to charge a reasonable rate.

My small business can be both beautiful and ugly, depending on my situation, and my outlook.

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