Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Small Step

  • Sales are made through relationships
  • Relationships are built meeting by meeting.
  • Meetings are built conversation by conversation.
  • Conversations are built sentence by sentence.

And so on

Three weeks ago I called Gordon. We chatted for ten minutes and I sent an email with a suggestion for co-operative marketing.

A week later I called with a follow-up, but got voice-mail, so I left a message.

This morning Gordon called me back; he is up to his armpits in tax-year stuff, can we talk once the April 30 deadline is gone?


I offered to re-send the email in the first week of May (as a service to him so he doesn’t have to locate it). Also as a bonus to me – in early May he’ll get an email from me AND then a phone call; I’ll nudge him twice!

Naturally I’m disappointed that this morning he didn’t endorse my idea and transfer cash to my bank account.

But that little frisson of disappointment is basking in the glow of knowing that Gordon and I are building a good mental picture of each other – I think of him as someone who returns phone calls, does have valid reasons for the delay, does offer to schedule a chat – and he sees me (I trust) as someone with ideas, someone who is flexible and graceful, and who can provide a service to others, even in the matter of rescheduling conversations.

Relationships, like houses, are built one brick at a time.

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