Friday, May 6, 2011

He was a Terrible Neighbour, . . .

He was a Terrible Neighbour, Does that Mean He Can't Be a Good Lawyer?

A recent Toronto Star article carries a story about a lawyer whose “application to become a lawyer was rejected by the Law Society of Upper Canada when he failed to meet its “good character” requirement because of his aggressive and bizarre conduct as a member of his condo’s board”.

So, asks the Toronto Star, does that mean he can’t be a good lawyer?

My Take on this is “Yes, That’s What it Means”

Lawyers, as we all know, aren’t in it for justice or truth; they are in it to become partner and retire at 45 with a $1,500,000 income from the partnership.

Or as a close friend once told me “Get the meanest, baddest, ball-kickingest gun-slinging lawyer you can find, Chris, because you’re too human to fight dirty, and she isn’t”.

The lawyer or consultant who can’t get on with neighbors or other people on the streetcar isn’t going to get on with clients.

I know that I’m not the most at-ease person in a social situation; I also know that I can bite my lip and pursue social platitudes for a short while, providing I can see an earnest discussion of time-saving tactics in business –computing down the road.

I’d rather have an intense discussion about religion and politics than that milk-sop “what-books-have-you-read stuff any day.

A doctor who cannot put a patient at ease isn’t go to learn the full extent of the patient’s dis-ease.

A lawyer who cannot slide into a client’s mind with ease isn’t going to get very far into a client’s mind

And a consultant who cannot honestly identify with the organizations pain and problems isn’t going to ride side-by-side with the client off into the glorious sunset of their dreams.

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