Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is Disgusting!


The record was added to my database; that’s 22 years ago! Over the years I have essayed to get in touch with, in the hopes of getting work from, this prospect.

22 years surely has to be a record.

That’s what “disgusting” refers to – how can I have left this prospect dangling on the vine for so long?


In mid-September last year, as part of my “blitz” aimed at meeting everyone face to face, I received an email advising that my contact no longer worked there, and with it, the name and extension of the new contact.

I began a new relationship, this one not hampered by “Why doesn’t he give up?”:-

“Great Chris, thank you..... I would like to chat with you sometime next week.”

We chatted by phone, then by a series of emails, during which phase I tried to secure a meeting:-

2010/09/22 Do you teach ACCESS at all? I am curious....as from time to time I have some of our Corporate clients looking for training in this.

2010/09/22 11:10 Roberta, thanks for the email. I have updated my contact database as you suggested. The mailed letter is for a course

2010/10/05 I called her back; Please send her a BIO (training related) and a set of Access topics.

2010/11/25 I left a voice-mail asking for coffee/lunch date

2010/11/29 She is busy these 2 weeks with a new project manager. "How about you give me a call in a couple of weeks".

2010/12/14 They are renegotiating contracts right now. I agreed to call her early in the New Year.

2011/01/05 I issued my Xmas letter

2011/01/14 They hope to start meeting with new facilitators late February. Call her back on the 18th.

2011/01/19 She doesn't have time; It sounds like a non-starter.

2011/04/01 I left a voice-mail suggesting a meeting Tue-Fri next week

Then this morning:-

2011/04/04 I decided to send an email "Hi Roberta. I am free this week and wonder whether you might find time to meet with me some time Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of Friday. * Please let me know what time suits you and I'll drive up to meet you."

Roberta replied:-

2011/04/04 I am available on Wednesday or Thursday


I settled on Wednesday.

But look at the record: 22 years of half-hearted efforts to establish contact, mainly by a Christmas card once a year and a phone call every two years. Never a determined effort to meet face-to-face.

Then within the space of 6 months, 12 contacts before I get an appointment.

I Nearly Gave up in January

Let’s see what Wednesday brings.

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