Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get Your Clients to Pig Out on Fast Food

… and put extra cash in your pocket in the process.

Say what you like about McDonalds, they have some pretty bright people in their marketing and sales departments.

I’m assuming that they were the ones to come up with the “Biggy that?” phrase, asking customers if they would like to upgrade a regular order to a larger drink or fries serving.

It’s my guess too that McDonalds sparked the “combo” offer, where three items are packaged into a single-price bundle, usually (but not always) representing a saving on purchasing the individual items separately.

The Toronto Star article “ Combo meals feed our tendency to pig out on fast food ” suggests to me that I could make a bit more money by asking the client if they’d like a combo, instead of the project they have ordered.

  • You are buying two days training? Would you like to throw in some extra cash and have me install some of my time-saving utilities?
  • You are buying application development? How about a half-day’s executive training to explain the reasoning behind the design and development?
  • You want the seven VP workbooks merged? How would it be if I spend half a day with the VPs impressing on them the need for good design from the get-go?

In particular, I like the idea of simplification:-

“People say they like many choices, but in the end if they can eliminate the number of choices, they will do that,” she says. “They take the easy way. They perceive they are getting value.”

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