Monday, May 9, 2011

Six Career Resolutions

Another great Accountemps press release outlines “Six Career Resolutions and Tips for Keeping Them”.

They are just as applicable to entrepreneurs:

1. 'I want an additional client.' Schedule time each week to revise your web-site, build your LinkedIn profile, research new prospects and set up meetings with business contacts. Reassess these goals monthly, and reward yourself when you meet key milestones.

2. 'I want to build my network.' Join at least one professional association, and attend meetings regularly. Foster your peer-level network by suggesting informal get-togethers in the early-morning.

3. 'I want to enhance my marketability.' Pursue a certification, learn a new software application or take a course to develop your skill set. Consider pursuing a leadership role with an industry or professional association or volunteering with a nonprofit group whose cause you are passionate about.

4. 'I want to improve my business performance.' Meet with your business coach or your accountant to identify areas for improvement. Take on a volunteer project that showcases your new skills.

5. 'I want a change in title.' Call your existing clients and ask them for their impressions of you. How do they describe you to their own colleagues?

6. 'I want to raise my rates.' Research rates in your field—perhaps by having a good friend phone your competitors. Then see how these rates compare with those in your Business Model.

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