Friday, May 20, 2011

What Shall we do with the Pile of Business Cards?

Two weeks ago I sat down with a pile of business cards collected over the years. The stack was about three inches high.

By tossing out the car-dealers and folks who make up flower baskets for corporate events, I managed to reduce the stack to about an inch.

I have half an inch left to process.

The Strategy is Straightforward: Tell The Truth

The tactic is just as simple: I pick up the phone and call them. I tell them that I have their business card but am struggling to know why. Honestly. We must have met at some event, but I have no written note on the back of the card to tell me why.

Usually we sniff each other and tumble to the why and wherefore.

In one case I’d written “Bluish Jacket” and got away with that by saying “I must have thought it was a lovely shade of blue for me to note it down on the back of your card”, which made her bush and giggle a bit.

Today I phoned Joel; same spiel, honestly, I don’t know where we met. He doesn’t know what AIC stands for; I haven’t attended an event in Ottawa for over 10 years …

Finally He Said “Let’s Connect on LinkedIn”

“Well I don’t want to waste your time”, I hesitated.

“No”, he said. “There is a reason you picked up my card”.

“I see this as an opportunity”.

I feel blessed to know Joel, and I haven’t even connected on LinkedIn yet.

I’ll do it right now.

Talk to Me !

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