Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1 Easy Tip for Spring Cleaning

It’s spring-time, right? And yes, you figure on setting aside a day to make-new-again (re-nov-ate) your office.

Here’s a tip:


Instead, seize on just one item and do something with it.

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In my stationery closet I see three types of cards – a Christmassy-card, suitable for mailing out at, well, Christmas time, an arty card , suitable for mailing out at other times, and a couple of cartons of promotional cards which didn’t really get off the ground.

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Hundreds of cards of about ten types.

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I have taken out about three dozen of each type and laid them in some narrow shelving.

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ONE type I have placed by my front door.

For the rest of this month I shall take a couple with me whenever I go out.

  • If I end up at The Montreal Deli I shall pin a couple to their notice board.
  • If I end up at a networking meeting I shall leave a couple on the back table.
  • If I am meeting with a prospect, I may hand one over as a parting gift.

But they aren’t doing me any good sitting in my stationary closet, are they?

And You?

What do you have lying around that could be put to good promotional use?

Talk to Me !

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