Monday, November 1, 2010

Strong on Goals

I am Strong on measurable Goals. I urge every project member to retain a sheet of paper on which is headed the GOAL of the project, and under that the six to ten OBJECTIVES that are the steps to reaching that goal.

I look back, and every failed project I can remember did not have a measurable goal. Or those that did did not have the goal broken down into a amanageble number of objectives.

So I read this recent Small Biz blog entry with interest.

The blog’s summary reads:

So here are my lessons learned:

1. Make sure both you and your clients understand and agree on what 100% is. It is so important to set expectations properly

2. If you make a mistake admit it, be humble and ask the client how you can remedy the situation

3. Do not let an unhappy client walk away, it will only end up costing you business in the future

To heighten my interest, a friend recently moved into a condominium and had the floors stained.

Same outcome!

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